The Analysis of Data and Business Models

The dynamics of the social and technological environment, as well as the significant volume of data generated, affect strategic decision making every time. That's why data analysis tells us about business models, what their types are and the best ways to understand them. Purchasing and processing capabilities have allowed data analysis to evolve -from the … Continue reading The Analysis of Data and Business Models

Strategies To Boost Your Business

As we know the world of marketing over the years has been responsible for a constant renewal, today we find a new trend in the movement of the market, digital marketing, which is simply the use of the Internet and social networks For a better marketing of the product or service, that is why you … Continue reading Strategies To Boost Your Business

What is Branding?

Currently, a consumer is exposed to a large number of brands that bombard their heads through various online media. So that a consumer has in mind to acquire something referring to a specific brand; Good strategies must be established with quality Branding. An excellent use of this tool or brand will sell a life experience, … Continue reading What is Branding?

Macro Consumer Trends

The macro tendencies and its key aspects allow consumers to learn that they are increasingly autonomous and complex, "free of guilt" they buy versatility, enjoy nature, sports, good food, go outdoors and also like technology, although it is expected that by 2019 and with an extension of up to 10 years. The tendencies are for … Continue reading Macro Consumer Trends

Toning Your Abs Naturally.

Toning Your Abs Naturally. Many aspire to get an excellent muscular intonation in the abdominal area to define the musculature of the back. They believe that to achieve that hardness they must train with rigidity. I will leave you an exercise that will give you good results, without the need to exhaust you; managing to … Continue reading Toning Your Abs Naturally.

Broken Heart

Broken Heart In life, we will continually encounter difficult moments that will test our feelings. Sometimes experiences that are linked to the heart make it more difficult to understand the events that are happening and because they are being generated. Then, you fall into a doubtful abyss where you think your heart has broken and … Continue reading Broken Heart