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All the people change their opinion. This is not a result of making a bad decision, sometimes it is easier to reveal the truth and in others, it takes more time. It is not bad to retract in favor of being happy or to avoid making mistakes since there are countless people for profit that will take advantage of the bad decisions we make. The cost can be too expensive and this is one of the reasons my dear readers, so I want to share this article about the decisions.

People make decisions every minute, it is very important to take the time necessary for each, no matter the magnitude, a small decision can change your life drastically, an example is to pass the stop at a traffic light while driving. The result may be catastrophic or it may not be. Taking the risk is your decision.

A clear example that we could mention is buying an item with the credit card, even knowing that we will not have a way to pay in that month or in the future, yet we make the purchase. Why?.

The answer is that marketing has already sold you the product and made you want it, even before you realize it, and it is easier to find a way to pay something in the future than give up to a predisposed desire.

Life is a vast and wonderful ocean of decisions, just as the binary language of computers is a “yes” and a “no”, which brings us to where we are now. When many of us ask ourselves, when do we make the right or wrong decision? that has led us to success or failure, which we have today.

If you know the answer you are at a good level of consciousness, however, we must know that short or long decisions, sometimes do not have a sign to know what they contain. we will have to open the gift to know what containing.

In this case, I recommend that you do not feel bad, if you made a bad decision in this way, because it is not your fault. It is better to focus on the things that are presented to us clearly. “Remember that not everything that shines is gold, Not all fruits are sweet”.

The reality is that we must make good decisions, some tips below:

  • The first thing will be relaxed as much as possible, find a suitable environment to concentrate.
  • Breathe deeply and concentrate on breathing, this helps us to be conscious and calm.
  • Not having ingested any substance that alters or stimulates our mood.
  • Read the entire context including the small letters of any document or action.
  • Visualize the decision in the three present times, future and past experiences.
  • Become aware of how your decision could affect others around you.
  • Ask your own self, What will you gain? and What will others earn with you decision?.
  • Avoid making decisions by a demand of other people, especially sellers.
  • Talk to your God, whatever your religion is, this will help you believe me.
  • If you are not entirely sure, seek help from someone more expert in the subject.
  • Once you make a 360-degree view of your decision and the answer is positive, then you must follow your intuition with solid bases, knowing that it is valid to make a mistake to get up again afterward.
  • Neutral decisions are valid, as well as extensions of time to better reflect any detail.
  • When someone touches our life asking us something, do not hesitate to respond. Helping others is always the best decision.
  • Finally, if you make a decision that will affect others for your own benefit, it is always important to see what is best for you, affecting as little as possible to others.

A tip for your economy: If you go to the supermarket to buy the pantry to fill your cupboard, never go with an empty stomach. Studies reveal that people who go on an empty stomach or depressed. They are the people who buy more than they need either, because of the hunger they have or the desire to fill an emotional void affect to make a good shopping. We must take care of the family economy.

Thank you for following my blog and share it.

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