5 Enemies of All Relationships

5 Enemies of All Relationships

There are plenty of problems in relationships, which lead even to the most solid couples to failure and a free one-way ticket to the court, it is not an easy issue nowadays since the roles have changed and both parties are right, especially if just are looking for their own good. You can not argue with a person who works for their own welfare, but you can confront and appeal if that act directly or indirectly affects you.


Regardless of the social revolution in which we live, today there are more divorces than there should be, this leads us to rethink if divorces should have an expiration date and be renewed periodically, something like the driver’s license. By this, I mean that there is dissatisfaction in our society with sexuality, religion, responsibilities, duties, among other factors. Something is certain we must do something about it, important is to live our lives and be happy alone or accompanied.


So many aspects in couples relationships, perhaps the romantic idea of the stories has evolved and should change the way we do things. The statistics speak for themselves and is that of the marriages that are currently married 60% divorce in an average of 2 to 5 years.

There are people who, when reading this article, know that they love each other and have found something that unites them to another person, that despite the years they are happy and full of great love, I congratulate them for being so fortunate, indispensable that they take good care of their relationship.

Some very common problems that can destroy a marriage and that I name as number one enemies of any relationship are:

  • Infidelity: The most painful of all, is the greatest enemy of any relationship. Although many people have declared, preferring to be told that they have been deceived into realizing later by other means, the tendency is always mostly the same, that is; “Nobody says anything until proven otherwise.” This has to do with the fact that in unfaithful people, remorse and the pleasure of adventure are the elements that prevent ending the infidel relationship, without counting the other person who will hardly finish it.
  • Mobile Phone: there is a disorder over the use of this technological device, which is affecting not only interpersonal relationships but is also educating the children in that direction. Infinity of couples will be able to see that they are affected, by the distance that emerges when having such an intelligent distractor in the home.
  • Economy: A healthy economy can change the course of everything, making each adversity lighter and always be able to show the best face and responsibility to society, however the problem is in difficult times, when there are not enough resources to meet the needs of the home, that’s when everything starts to falter and demerit efforts.
  • Complices: Infinity of friends, family, and acquaintances. They are spectators who want to be continuous participants in the happy couple. Nothing can go wrong, except when we want to learn in the head of others, which by right does not correspond to us and the assumptions can be believed more, than the truth itself.
  • Distance: although the romanticism of missing a person improves the feeling of attachment, it also weakens it. If you are in a distance relationship, then there must always be better communication than a physically linked relationship, otherwise, you will be linked to an imaginary person.

While love is a valuable gift that every human being possesses, the most important thing in life is to love and be loved. It does not matter for how long if it’s quality. Thanks for your visit, subscribe to this blog and please share it.

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