7 Tips to Remove Headache

7 Tips to Remove Headache


Does your head hurt?

You have headaches and you have no idea why, and even if you take a sedative, the discomforts are recurrent and the affliction seems to never end. Sometimes it has lasted up to a week and just as a day arrives, it goes without warning. Could it be an occasional migraine in which your head usually hurts?

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That persistent and uncomfortable pain that occurs, just at the time when you have more occupations, but why? Why when you are with more rolls on top? What you have not realized, is that this is precisely the cause of the discomfort; the submission to the tension generated by the problems. In those cases, those pains could be emotional, so there is a great, but great possibility that you are the cause of your own discomfort. Yes, be yourself who generates it. In fact, headaches are disorders of the nervous system.

Is it normal for people to have a headache?

At least 47% of the adult population has suffered at least one headache in the year. However, there are different types of pain that are usually associated with our emotional state, sensitivity and daily tensions. The scientific name with which this condition is known is a tension-type headache, and yes, it is a quite common affliction among people. About 70% of the population, which indicates that at some point, you have also suffered. The common thing is that it begins in the youth of adolescence and the women suffer.

What are the symptoms with which the head usually hurts emotionally?

·    Persistent and constant pains, that of the hours could vary to a term of days. On occasion, it could incur even chronic consequences that incapacitate. If this malaise appears at least 2 times a week for several months, it already falls into the category of chronic.

·    Shuddering oppression in the head, like a dull pain without pulsations.

·    Generalized pain throughout the head, which disappears when reaching the neck and shoulders.

·    Absence of vomiting and nausea.

The uncertainty caused by an annoyance, anguish, anger, and melancholy not only affects our mood but also generate changes at the metabolic level.

What are the symptoms with which the head usually hurts emotionally?

With regularity, negative emotions manifest with physical pain. When this happens it is time to pay attention to the alarm. For that reason, instead of taking an analgesic to calm the pain, we would have to ask ourselves: What is happening? Throughout a day we experience many emotions, but we are not constantly aware of it and, of course, not all are beneficial. The anguish caused by difficulty, suffocation, anger, and misery not only affect our feelings but even generate metabolic changes.

An emotional headache is a sign to stop our lifestyle and incur the rethinking of some things. Maybe you’re working more than you might consider healthy, or you’re taking some situation in the worst way, or you clearly need to take a break. Anyway, the emotional headache is not something that should be ignored and if it can be lightened.

How to avoid that usually hurts the head because of the emotions?

1.    Give up guilt and take control of your life.

2.    Handles negative emotions like anger. Get rid of them so they do not accumulate and damage you. I recommend that you practice recognizing them, live them and then release them.

3.    Learn to distance yourself emotionally from situations. Remember that you are an external spectator. The situations themselves are not stressful. It is you who gives them the connotation.

4.    Practice relaxation. Meditation, breathing exercises, reading music and free the mind.

5.    Leave worries and be more proactive. Give up problems and strive to find solutions to practice.

6.      Taking a nap can help relieve pain.

7.      Drink enough water and eat at your hours.

Feeling good or bad is a decision and a matter of mental attitude. Avoid those headaches by abandoning yourself to carelessness and assuming the instants of life!.


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Translation: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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