Implement 5’S in the Home

The 5’s are known by many people and this is due to that methodology invented in Japan between 1950 to 1960 by Sakichi and Kiichiro Toyoda and engineer Taiichi Ohno founders of Toyota Motor Corporation, looking for alternatives to the Fordist method developed by Henry Ford, being its main objective to seek the highest productivity in a philosophy applicable to all areas of the company, today that methodology is known and its popularity owes its integral benefit to workers and companies after carrying out its implementation, making the certification of any standard such as ISO 9000 easier.

The 5’s are Seiri, the classification. Seiton, the order. Seiso, the cleaning. Seiketsu, standardization. Shitsuke, self-discipline.

Las 5‘s son herramientas que pueden cambiar de forma positiva como vivimos, si las aplicamos adecuadamente en nosotros y nuestro entorno.


The 5’s in the home:

All people have problems within the home, often happen when we do not remember where the keys or other objects are, when we live as a couple or with children, some of them can forget where the clothes go, wet the floor by shaking their hands, not the lid of the toilet will be lowered when the men use it, the garbage will not be thrown in its place, the pantry will not be stocked in time, the breakfast will not be had at an appropriate hour, the clothes in the dry cleaner’s, the children’s lunch, etc.

This entails direct problems, stress, speeding, and traffic, problems at work, school, exhaustion, sadness, courts, expenses, etc.

This should not be allowed to happen and, on the contrary, what we seek is to have enough time, to live intensely the life and to take advantage of every minute of the day, to click so that we like it and have a better quality of life.

Surely they have not known the benefits of the 5’s, because now there have been some examples, the best way to optimize productivity in your home, which has given time for you and the children, thus increasing your energy. Mental, corporal and spiritual.

How to apply the 5’s to my room? Then follow these steps:

  1. Seiri, the classification: Identify everything you should have in your room, keep in a different place all the things you will not use in 6 months. This place must be protected and in optimal conditions, so that your objects are not damaged and children are not easily accessible, for safety reasons.
  2. Seiton, the order: Always place a place for each thing, this is important for example the slippers, you will arrange them in the precise place that the fences need, every day that you get up in the morning. So you must do it with everything in the room.
  3. Seiso, cleaning: Make a cleaning plan in the week, it is necessary to always have trash bins in nearby points, so we will avoid throwing to the floor or put in inappropriate places the garbage.
  4. Seiketsu, the standardization: Everyone in the room should know what is the place where things should go, generate a culture of prevention that remembers those actions to follow.
  5. Shitsuke, self-discipline: Every discipline requires a commitment to follow up on each proposed action. If you practice commitments for 21 days, they can become habits, thus being the way of welfare. We already review an example in the room, you can start like this with each space of your home until covering your entire house. You can label where things are going and continuously improve any area, this will prevent you from re-working and losing unnecessary energy in repetitive functions.
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