Yoga Manifests Your Compassion

Yoga Manifests Your Compassion


The asana posture that manifests your compassion

When the mind opens up letting the appreciation of the beings enter, we understand that we want to help them in their process of liberation of suffering, in a few words, it is to put ourselves in the skin of the other, remembering that we are all interconnected. Through meditation and yoga postures we can resort to the asana that manifests compassion.

Is it normal for compassion to emerge from you?

We live in a single ecosystem, which is like a body, and compassion is the key to good understanding. Generosity opens the door of the heart and shows us not only the pain of the other but also its power, as well as the resources we can generate as a whole to offer relief to those around us. If we understand that the planet is a great environment that we must protect and care for, we gain understanding about the interconnections among the inhabitants of it.

Can you manifest compassion in your environment?

Occasionally it may happen that you feel love for a family member, but even so, you are hostile to this person. Compassion gives us power and awakens to the highest truth of the individual; the consciousness of knowing that we start from the same energetic principle. Love without kindness, empathy, understanding, desire, and goodwill. It is empty; a closed bottle where no air enters.

And what happens if … I give more compassion than I should manifest?

Simple words for a complex answer: Feel free and remember the simple principle of satisfaction that is generated by offering, without expecting to receive any compensation in return.

How can an asana help to manifest compassion?

Because it is active meditation and it is the way to mature the seed of enlightened thought within the individual. Universal compassion is the goal. It must be sought innately in being, almost spontaneously because it lies within the program with which all human beings come. Activating it through practice is our choice. Practice kindness to achieve wisdom. This elegant posture will make you give a smile spontaneously and without difficulty.

How do you perform the asana posture that manifests compassion?

1. Open the left hip back, bend the knee and raise the foot. Hold it with the forearm on the inside of the plant.

2. When putting together the posture, lightly tuck the abdominals, extend the column, raise the arm and look back smiling. If your lower back bothers you, you can leave your hip and knee extended, facing forward. (1)

Being kind to oneself and to others opens us to the universal experience.


Edition: Oscar Garibay Guadian

Translation: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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