Broken Heart

Broken Heart

In life, we will continually encounter difficult moments that will test our feelings. Sometimes experiences that are linked to the heart make it more difficult to understand the events that are happening and because they are being generated. Then, you fall into a doubtful abyss where you think your heart has broken and now how do you compose it? Speculate that there is no way out but if there is: Compose it through resilience.

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We usually associate traumatic and embarrassing events as something negative, and we tend to feel sorry for ourselves or for third parties who are in that situation. This is something instinctive. If we analyze it calmly, we can understand that each of these moments can be transformed into a privileged opportunity for growth in various aspects of life. Resilience is the ability to cope with adversity by strengthening in the vicissitudes. It is the effect of an eager process that varies according to the circumstances, the nature of the situation, the context and the stage of an individual’s life, according to their culture.

Does your heart hurt and you can not get out of where you are?

The French neurologist Boris Cyrulnik, a renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, advises the value of resilience, which is where people reach progress in the face of difficulties; overcoming periods of emotional pain. These adverse scenarios that once faced and transformed, however painful they may be, generate individual maturation and growth in the individual.

Your heart is broken and now … How do you compose it?

If you adapt with resilience and learn to overcome adversity; You will approach that situation that induces you to fragility. I assure you that those emotions that make you believe that you will die of love, will pass after a prudential lapse of submission to reflection. There will always be times in life when daily trials, feelings, and resolutions will demand more attention than usual. Applying resilience will lead to personal improvement and the challenge that leads to success.

How to know if you are resilient and have the ability to repair your heart?

Because you will have confidence in yourself and trust in your ability to solve whatever comes. You will have a strong presence of values that will allow you to learn from positive and negative experiences. You are aware of being a transforming axis of the social environment and you will ensure that you are a creative person who adds growth experiences, for you and for others.

Do not be afraid of falling. Traumatic links that seem eternal and easy to break, will be too much. Sentimental relationships are necessary, and some of them lead to painful episodes. What you should be afraid of, is not wanting to get up. A broken heart is part of the process of living. Composing it is a matter of resilience and attitude towards life! That’s where you’ll find true love.


Edition: Oscar Garibay Guadian
Translation: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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