Toning Your Abs Naturally.

Toning Your Abs Naturally.

Many aspire to get an excellent muscular intonation in the abdominal area to define the musculature of the back. They believe that to achieve that hardness they must train with rigidity. I will leave you an exercise that will give you good results, without the need to exhaust you; managing to tone you with delicacy. (2)

There are alternatives to strengthen areas of the body effectively. It involves making repetitions with quality and number of precise series, accompanied with regularity, consistency of work and a balanced diet.

Is it possible to tone up?

Muscle toning should not be synonymous with sacrifice or forced to the point that you have to do so much exercise, you feel that you can no longer support the body by pain and exhaustion. The muscle is a tissue that grows as it is needed. Then, if a strong and resistant muscular tissue is desired, only repetitions are made according to the aspirations that one wishes to obtain.

If you tone up, will you rejuvenate the body?

If you achieve to strengthen the musculature, you will reap health benefits, apart from aesthetic. Stretching and being more flexible rejuvenates your body motor. The vital center rises and the energies increase. To perform the daily activities of life, you do not require a hasty muscular intonation.

It might seem more an aesthetic than a health issue. However, it is important to incorporate toning exercises. And it is not necessary to be very demanding: to avoid injuries and pains. There are studies that reveal that it is more effective to have a good alignment and muscular flexibility than an exaggerated toning.

What is a good abdominal exercise to gently tone up?

With a torsional movement, it is possible to harden the muscles of the waist, the abdominals, and the back.

1. Move only the legs:

1.1 Lie on your back with your heels resting on a chair.

1.2 Exhale, bringing the knees to the right and then inhaling, return them to the center.

1.3 The knees are placed sideways, but the pelvis remains centered.

1.4 Release tension by relaxing the pelvis.

1.5 Tuck the abdominals while doing these movements, and notice how the obliques, the muscles that surround the waist, are toned.

Do this exercise consciously. Try to leave your comfort zone and demand yourself healthy:

1 Perform 3 sets of 12 repetitions each, keeping breathing fluid. Once you finish with the side you started, it’s time to move to the opposite side.

1.1 When you feel ready, lift the pelvis off the floor to tone the buttocks and the back of the legs.

It is exhausting to perform an abdominal routine and more when you do not have discipline, but do it in this simple way and your health and back will thank you.


Edited by: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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