Macro Consumer Trends

The macro tendencies and its key aspects allow consumers to learn that they are increasingly autonomous and complex, “free of guilt” they buy versatility, enjoy nature, sports, good food, go outdoors and also like technology, although it is expected that by 2019 and with an extension of up to 10 years. The tendencies are for the most vivid colors, beautiful decorative exaggerations that have a bit of optimism, because in today’s world the economies are separating, look for the economic de-centralization, there is so much bad news, so much falsehood that modern consumers are expected look for “the truth”, they will be attentive to the simple and authentic, places with emotions that lead them to self-understanding of their environment, this influences the tastes they choose and their purchases.

It is thanks to these techniques of global visualization that the “macro tendencies” that has boomed so much the retail design, being the companies experts in getting to know their clients, as I mentioned previously a company that designs based on the emotions of the final clients, clearly know that they must be at the forefront to meet any need of consumers, we do not seek to constantly change the tone of your space, we seek that the message reaches each individual, that touches its deepest yearnings.

That is why before creating a space all the factors that affect the final consumer are investigated, in order to understand what is expected by a space, as it expects to find the similarity of what it thinks, feels and sees. When the clear objective of connecting with this type of consumer emotions is achieved, it is when the magic happens. This understanding of the final consumer has reached large companies to exceed their own expectations and put them at the forefront in the world, clearly overcoming their competitors and making a difference in society.

The architecture of retail design expects that the trends for 2019 will give great appreciation to the lightweight, mobile devices, communication platforms have this tendency, the terms “gravitational” which are transparent materials with various functions, other material related to the air and its mix with the designed elements, the bubbles, circles and spheres that symbolize its constant movement.

Conceptual realism is a trend for the next year 2019, where people focus on the “authentic”, “real”, “truthful” and is a discovery of absolute truths that will be attentive to find consumers. Another key element is the ” destroyed masculinity “where men are living in full feminist boom, seek to explore new trends that break the sexual stereotypes by nerds or athletes. Owning the home and therefore, masculinity ceases to be restrictive, giving life to new trends.

While it is not trying to be “Gurus” of social currents, but designing by contemplating them, in the end, this will be appreciated by investors whose only goal is to satisfy the demand for each consumer, and as the main objective is to attract bigger markets and beat your competitors. The final customer will have the last word.

Written by: Oscar Garibay Guadian

Edited by: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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