What is Branding?

Currently, a consumer is exposed to a large number of brands that bombard their heads through various online media. So that a consumer has in mind to acquire something referring to a specific brand; Good strategies must be established with quality Branding.
An excellent use of this tool or brand will sell a life experience, which means that the image you are creating represents a real value for consumers.


But…What is Branding? and why is it so important to highlight it?

When we talk about brand or branding, we talk about building an image that aims to preserve attributes and values that make us stand out from our competitors. Therefore, we see that the brand covers the part that refers to a more commercial sphere of business to identify a service or product that you want to sell or position.

The brand strategy starts from the logo, the name, the typeface, the color palette or a mixture of the previous elements. You should have an opinion of where you want to go to convey feelings, and so be built in a solid manner. For all this, a brand becomes a mental representation of how the customer perceives experiences, feelings, and memories that the company has managed to fix, in a smartly planned manner, with a single objective that is to reach the mind of the viewer through the interaction, with the intention that preserves the brand in time.

How is branding highlighted?
By positively linking the emotions and empathy of the viewer with the company, generating ties of loyalty and support between the client and the seller. When the emotions of the clients are incorporated; these become adepts to a specific brand, which makes them prefer them over others. It is important to feed the perceptions, feelings, and experiences in positive, to position yourself in the mind of the consumer.
Will branding make your product known to the consumer?
The ultimate goal of the brand positioning strategy is that it is highly evaluated, placed and fixed in the minds of consumers to become its first purchase option against the competition.

Remember that the attributes and values of the branding or the product should be considered unique and coherent by the clients. The effectiveness of the branding campaign is proportional to the volume of time that is invested in disseminating through social networks, to publicize the brand that in turn will become a social reference.

How to sell?


Edition: Oscar Garibay Guadian
Translation: Oscar Garibay Guadian

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