Yoga Manifests Your Compassion

Yoga Manifests Your Compassion   The asana posture that manifests your compassion When the mind opens up letting the appreciation of the beings enter, we understand that we want to help them in their process of liberation of suffering, in a few words, it is to put ourselves in the skin of the other, remembering … Continue reading Yoga Manifests Your Compassion

7 Tips to Remove Headache

7 Tips to Remove Headache   Does your head hurt? You have headaches and you have no idea why, and even if you take a sedative, the discomforts are recurrent and the affliction seems to never end. Sometimes it has lasted up to a week and just as a day arrives, it goes without warning. … Continue reading 7 Tips to Remove Headache

Implement 5’S in the Home

The 5's are known by many people and this is due to that methodology invented in Japan between 1950 to 1960 by Sakichi and Kiichiro Toyoda and engineer Taiichi Ohno founders of Toyota Motor Corporation, looking for alternatives to the Fordist method developed by Henry Ford, being its main objective to seek the highest productivity … Continue reading Implement 5’S in the Home

Earn Real Money by Referring

Earn Real Money by Referring For any information, payment or related to references, it is important to be following the blog, to be taken into account. At the end of each page, you will find the links to follow. Get a bonus! selling machinery around the world and get a commission for sale from 100 … Continue reading Earn Real Money by Referring

5 Enemies of All Relationships

5 Enemies of All Relationships There are plenty of problems in relationships, which lead even to the most solid couples to failure and a free one-way ticket to the court, it is not an easy issue nowadays since the roles have changed and both parties are right, especially if just are looking for their own … Continue reading 5 Enemies of All Relationships