Responsibilities of the community manager.

  • Confidentiality agreement. 1 Confidentiality Contract
  •  work with dedication to the details.
  • Information manager.
  • Customer service by chat.
  • Message handling.
  • Mail Chimps.
  • Selection of campaign based on prospects.
  • The main objective to project future sales.
  • Branding.
  • Generate an audience.
  • Increase in human value.
  • Content cure.
  • Crisis management.
  • Creation of content in a blog.
  • Post pages in Canva. For all networks each with specific content.
  • Google analytics.
  • Google Adsense.
  • SEO of keywords.
  • Campaign planning according to campaigns and discounts of the company.

Other services offered by areas of knowledge:

  • Virtual assistant.
  • A search for information and filling a database.
  • Generation of sales networks.
  • Inventory management and implementation of reliable warehouses.
  • Purchase materials in different parts of the world.
  • WordPress page management.
  • Payment management or customer support by chat.


honesty and loyalty to my clients, constant effort to the objectives of their companies looking for the update as technology are referred.

Quality of work:

The work is done according to the hours purchased, the campaigns are charged separately as well as in cases of mobility agreed with the client.

An autonomous organization that allows the good positioning of the brand, making the proper management of online tools.

The costs vary depending on the profile of the client, their needs and the duration of the project, the minimum number of hours accepted to the week is 10 hours.

The benefits are greater, outsourcing has been more than 20 years being an excellent option to obtain the necessary at the best price.

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Community Manager

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Little house with defocused street. Relocation theme      Company: Williams and group realty: if you know someone who is selling a house in the United States and all its territory except California, or otherwise you know who is selling, you want to Buy or Rent a house in New York.

You can earn money for each referral that is processed. From 100 to 300 dollars or more depending on the cost of the property acquired.

Ask the client to fill in the following document.Seller_Property Information We declare that the data collection is confidential and used only for the required process.

Once you have the document filed with the client’s data, please send it to the following link. We will answer you in 24hrs. Once the complete process with the client is done. The money will be deposited by PayPal.
You can continue getting houses indefinitely since the company is made up of real estate investors.

Little house with defocused street. Relocation theme      Compañía: Williams y Realty Group: si conoce a alguien que está vendiendo una casa en los Estados Unidos y todo su territorio, excepto California, o si sabe quién está vendiendo, quiere comprar o alquilar una casa en Nueva York.

Puedes ganar dinero por cada referido que se procese. De 100 a 300 dólares o más dependiendo del costo de la propiedad adquirida.

Solicite al cliente que complete el siguiente documento. Seller_Property Information Información sobre la propiedad del vendedor Declaramos que la recopilación de datos es confidencial y que se utiliza solo para el proceso requerido.

Una vez que haya archivado el documento con los datos del cliente, envíelo al siguiente Link Te responderemos en 24hrs.

Una vez finalizado el proceso completo con el cliente. El dinero será depositado por PayPal. Puede seguir obteniendo casas por tiempo indefinido ya que la compañía está formada por inversores inmobiliarios.